Would You Go Out With You?

Some guys are “good looking bald guys.” If you’re not one of these guys, we hear you. The truth is, more hair is more attractive.

How hair loss affects your success with women

It’s as much about your mindset as it is about your hair. Confidence is attractive. Regain your confidence.

How would you rather go on your first date?


Research confirms what many men already felt—that women prefer partners with a head of hair. A 2009 study posted two nearly identical profiles on a popular dating website. The only difference? One showed the man with a full head of hair, while the other showed the same picture digitally altered to have thinning hair. Over the next 2 months, the profile with a full head of hair received five times as many messages as the one going bald.

How hair restoration can reinvigorate your personal life

Hair restoration can free you from the all the worry and help you feel confident enough for women to get to know the real you. You can stop worrying about what women will think of your thinning hair and focus on finding a fantastic partner.

Already in a great relationship?

Even though she loves you and could care less about your hair, she does care about how you feel about yourself. Bottom line – both of you will be happier with the more confident version of you.

Women dig real hair

neograft-coupleYou’ve got a lot of choices for hair restoration, but for this to work, it’s got to be your own hair, and it’s got to look like it did before you started going bald.

Neograft follicular unit extraction (FUE) allows for natural placement of your real hair and is minimally invasive with no scalpel incision, no stitches, and no rows. What this means for your relationship:

  • You’ll look great, online & in person. It’ll never occur to her that your hair hasn’t always been so full.
  • You’re more likely to get a second date. Your confidence will be hard to resist.
  • No worries about getting close. She can touch your hair and nothing awkward will result.
  • You’ll look & feel great in every situation. She’ll only notice how much she’s into you, day or night.
  • You’ll have nothing to hide. Ditch the frantic attempts to hide Rogaine or Propecia in your medicine cabinet.

One thing to keep in mind: it’ll take a couple of months for your hair to complete it’s normal growth cycle and return in full. Take advantage of this time and get in shape for when you’re ready to meet the woman of your dreams. The best part? She’ll be just as eager to meet the real you with a great head of hair.

NeoGraft benefits you both. See it on Rachael Ray

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