How do you want to live your life?

couple-in-convertible-neograftYou’ve got the drive and energy to take advantage of everything life has to offer, but is your thinning hair distracting you from enjoying the things you love? If so, then refuse to go bald.

So how do you plan to get your hair back?

Pills can bring down your sex drive. Some surgery options leave a scar. And a toupee? No thanks.

Change your mind about hair replacement

You don’t want a full head of hair with restrictions. You want the head of hair you used to have. This is entirely possible.

A lot of stereotypes about hair restoration still hang around, and that might be why you haven’t yet made a move. But today’s hair restoration surgery is nothing like the hair plugs of the past. With an experienced plastic surgeon and NeoGraft, you can have your own natural hair back where it used to be. Permanently.

With your natural hair, you’re in control of how hard you work and play


Wear your hair however you want

Unlike other methods, NeoGraft leaves you with no large scar that you have to worry about hiding. If you are in the military, or you just prefer a short hairstyle, this is really the only permanent option for you. Look great with longer hair? After the initial growth cycle, your hair will grow naturally just as it did before it was NeoGrafted.

Lose the hat in family photos.

Imagine how great it will be to end the panicked search for your baseball cap every time a photo op comes around. You won’t need to hide your bald spots because you will no longer have bald spots. You will simply have your hair.

Live in the moment.

Get on the ground and build sand castles with your kids, play tag at the park, and even ride the roller coaster without having an ounce of worry, because NeoGrafted hair is as durable as the rest of your hair.

Roadster or Road Hog. It’s your choice.

Finally get that convertible or bike (or both!) and feel free to keep the top down even when it’s cold outside. We don’t blame you for wanting to show off your full head of hair to everyone driving by. And the only thing you’ll have to worry about on your Harley is helmet hair.

Continue to color, or not color, as you see fit.

If you prefer the distinguished grey look, you can still look forward to your hair giving you that edge. There’s no way to tell where your NeoGraft begins and your existing hair ends.

Can you tell where the NeoGrafted hair is?


If you like to hide your grey, have at it. You will have a full head of your real hair. It’s simply like turning back the hands of time to transform your hair, and in return, boost your confidence and improve your outlook on life.

When you can expect to see results

After a few short months, when your hair completes its normal growth cycle, you will be able to face each day with a newfound confidence. You no longer have to avoid mirrors. In fact, you will probably go searching for them just so you can admire how fantastic you look.

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