Beads of sweat on a balding head just isn’t cool.

Or sexy. You know what we’re talking about. That one guy whose combover sticks together after 10 minutes on the court? You don’t want to be that guy.

So why put so much effort into keeping your body in top shape if your thinning hair is just making you look less vital? Even if you’re a fit, finely tuned athlete, you may find it tough to keep your focus on your workout if your hair is thinning, because sooner or later, you might become that guy.

Admit it. The guy on the right just looks like he can handle more


Shaving your head is not your only option.

You don’t have to choose between looking old and looking like Mr. Clean. While plenty of guys at the gym choose to just get rid of it all, that look doesn’t work for everyone like it does for Vin Diesel.

It’s a no-brainer. Having your hair back will help your game.

Here’s motivation to stay in shape: you’ll actually look like you feel instead of like the old man who’s trying to relive his glory days.

The right hair replacement can switch your focus back where it’s supposed to be: kicking some butt in your workouts. You’ll once again be free to concentrate on nothing else but performing your best on the court or in the gym.

So just do it.

man-in-gym-neograftYou probably have hesitations about the durability, look, and feel of transplanted hair, not to mention the downtime. The option we know of that’s really practical is NeoGraft. It takes individual hair follicles from the back of your head where you’ve got plenty of it, and replacing them to fill in your thinning areas.

It just makes the most sense for athletic lifestyles. Here’s why:

  • Works in one treatment, so you never have to worry about hair loss again
  • Looks natural even when wet
  • You can wear a helmet or baseball cap as you normally would
  • Allows for short haircuts without marks, staples, stitches or scars
  • Won’t be affected by sweat, chlorine, shampooing or hair products any more than the rest of your hair
  • Heals quickly, allowing you to resume your regular workouts within one to two weeks

With the right plastic surgeon at the helm, it’ll get you the results you want. Do you really want to fool with topical treatments every day?

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