Compare Popular Hair Restoration Treatments

There’s no shortage of treatments on the market for you to fight hair loss. But some of them work better than others. It depends on your goals. Do you want a one-time procedure that’ll give you a full head of hear for decades to come, or are you okay with taking your chances on a medication designed to slow hair loss? Compare your options here.

Permanent Solutions

Strip Method Manual FUE NeoGraft
This is: Invasive Surgery Minimally Invasive Procedure Minimally Invasive Procedure
You’ll need: Usually one surgery is sufficient Depending on your goals, usually 1 or 2 long visits. Depending on your goals, usually just 1 visit.
How it works: A strip of tissue from the back of the head is removed, follicles are divided and transplanted Individual follicles are extracted by hand and replaced in a time-consuming process Individual follicles are extracted and replaced quickly & precisely with automated process
Results: Dependent on surgeon skill, but results look natural Highly dependent on surgeon skill, but results look natural With a skilled surgeon, yields maximum coverage & natural appearance
You’ll see results in: 3-4 months, after initial growth cycle 3-4 months, after initial growth cycle 3-4 months, after initial growth cycle
Best for men who: Don’t mind large scars but prefer a less expensive option Have tons of time and money to spend Want minimal down time and natural results at a reasonable cost
Possible side effects include: Bleeding, irregular scarring, excessive scalp tension Failure of hair follicles to “take” Temporary mild swelling & discomfort

Temporary Solutions

Rogaine Propecia Toupees
This is: Topical Spray or Solution Prescription Pill A hairpiece
You’ll need it: Twice a day. For life. One pill a day, for life. on Halloween
How it works: Increases shrunken hair follicles Blocks DHT, a chemical partly responsible for balding, from reaching hair follicles Place it and hope it stays put
Results show for: An estimated 30-60% of men. About 48% who regrow hair, about 42% stop hair loss A select few who can pull it off
You’ll see results in: Up to 4 months 3-12 months The time it takes to position it just right
Best for men who: Want to slow down thinning Have <5 years of hair loss, mostly on the crown Liked Agassi in the 90s
Possible side effects include: Itchy scalp, irritation Low libido Shifting, sliding, Elton John comparisons

On the true cost of hair replacement

Take our advice: with all things, you get what you pay for. This includes hair restoration. A permanent solution like FUE or NeoGraft might cost more up front (usually about $5-7 per graft), but in return, you get predictable, natural looking and permanent results in only one or two visits to your plastic surgeon’s office. Compared to 30 or 40 years of Rogaine at $20-30 per month, that’s a pretty good deal. And most plastic surgeons offer financing to help you fit this into your budget.

Talk over your options with an experienced plastic surgeon

If you’re in the Baltimore area, board certified plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist Dr. Michael Cohen can help you decide the best way to restore natural fullness to your hairline at a free consultation. Call 410-296-0414 for an appointment.